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Below is the GBO data overview. Clicking on the animation will open a page with stills.

Below is THEMIS observations overview. Click on the animation opens a page with stills covering 6-12 UT and satellite positions.

Below is 24-hour still for 2009-01-26 (most distant probe B):

Below are several quantities useful for timing, from top to bottom: (1) THEMIS pseudoAE index, Pi2 pulsation at (2) Loysburg and (3) Carson City, (4) Magnetic field x component in GSM coordinate from FIT instrument, (5) Ion velocity x component in GSM coordinate from momentum calculation of ESA instrument, (6) Electric field y component in GSM coordinate calculated from vxB, (7) Electric field in GSM coordinate from EFI instrument, (8), Total pressure (larger) and magnetic pressure (smaller)

Plot of P1 and P2:

Plot of P3, P4 and P5:

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