Wiki page for THEMIS events. If you are unsure how to use this wiki, please click this link. If, after reading the instructions, you are still unsure of what to do and would like include information or plots, please send them to Vladimir Kondratovich.

This entry page contains a list of events (not only substorms) that may be of interest to the THEMIS science team. For each event listed here, it is useful to provide a brief description of the event. The link will take you to a page where a more detailed overview is provided as well as material for download. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a full-size window (caution: some files are large, tens of MB).

NOTE: Several substorm pages are currently without content, so if you are interested in contributing, that is a good place to start (click 'edit' on a page with content to see how easy it is).


12:55 onset 
01:30 onset06:30 onset 
01:40 onset03:30 onset 
03:50 onset04:30 onset 

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